Congress, the party of opposition or the ‘fifth column’ of India..?

His attempt to humiliate the representative of 140 crore people of India can be good for his politics but not for the image of India and the values we carry

The Narrative World    18-Mar-2023   
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Opposition plays a vital role in the smooth working of the democracy, which holds the government accountable to the public ; Which undoubtedly helps to fix the mistakes of the ruling party. Opposition raises their voice on the failures and wrong policies of the ruling party, and highlight the important issues which are not acted by the government — through debates, protests, parliamentary motions and questions, which indeed guides the democracy towards the welfare of the people. But the role of Congress as opposition is quite revolting.
The frustration of Congress’s loss of entitlement in the last few years has been so drastic and beyond repair, that this unacceptance of their political agenda in India is now propelling them to look for foreign lime light of audiences.
On 2nd of March , Rahul Gandhi, who is the MP from Wayanad in Kerala, the former president of Congress and apparently their international spokesman was invited to Cambridge University of London to deliver the lecture on the "art of listening". He was there in the UK professedly to talk about his Bharat Jodo Yatra , bestowing himself as a Man of the people , which however, slightly conflicted with the introductions given to him which drew an attention towards his privileged dynastic heritage.
The Nehru-Gandhi scion blatantly attacked on the luminous visage of Bharat and questioned the democracy which allowed him to be the member of parliament from Kerala’s Wayanad.
He made remarks on the freedom of speech , whereas he himself was missing from the Parliament’s winter session for his so-called Bharat Jodo Yatra. Continuing his verbal offensive comments against the government and India abroad, he even said that the Modi Government tapped the phones of opposition leaders including him , nevertheless he again gave the opportunity to question the authenticity of his ‘rational’ words. As the Supreme Court asserted that there was no conclusive evidence of the spyware in the phones that were submitted to the court for investigation.
Considering to Rahul Gandhi’s impudent attack on India’s democracy, saying “democracy being under pressure in India” ; The recent example of the robustness of our democracy’s might should not be left unaddressed, as how the Christian dominated states of North East shunned the Congress, and found PM Modi’s vision of development, to be more promising; And naturally voted for BJP. Which itself proves that democracy is about ensuring equal opportunities through the people’s trust and faith. All his talks can be seen centered around the leftist media’s narrative about India. It is no coincidence that this badmouthing of India and the government is the year before the 2024’s general elections and the Congress is trying to revive their chances against the government chosen by the people.
It can be concluded that in Rahul Gandhi’s point of view, politics is an objective. He forgets that the cultural consciousness of India is very rich and his attempt to humiliate the representative of 140 crore people of India can be good for his politics but not for the image of India and the values we carry. PM Modi’s growing global fame has become the pride of the Indians living both abroad and in the nation. And recently ,Prime Minister of Italy Georgia Meloni has addressed him as the universally accepted leader of the world.
India is the originator of global balance. We believe that global forces will create hurdles in the way of prosperous India. And if the challenges are bigger, then we will have to face the attacks as well and we will have to redress them, which we have done together before and will do again.
When one Narendra (Swami Vivekananda) preached Vedanta in America and Europe, the Brahmo Samajists and Theosophists of India not only mocked him but also propagated unrestrainedly in India. But the people of India supported Narendra Nath (Swami Vivekananda). Similarly, today Narendra Modi is trying to establish India as a world leader, while Rahul Gandhi is trying to tarnish his image. ’Narendra had won even then, Narendra will win now’.

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(Kewali Kabir is a sophomore and a social environmental prospector, contemplating society and politics through cultures.)