There is a long list of such internal enemies of India who are looming large over the country. The first one being the Islamists and these people are not harming the country only now, but have been doing so for a long time, after all, India had to get partitioned in the name of religion, in the name of Islam.

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An insider can cause the maximum damage, they say, and one believes that this saying is the epitome of truth, and the classic example of the same is exactly what is happening in the country of India in the current times.

One opines that much more than external enemies like foreign countries, India needs to keep a check on the activities, on the nemesis residing in the country itself, because it is a well-known fact that our motherland can fight an external power, this is something she has been doing for thousands of years now, but what happens when these Vibhishanas sitting at home, cripple the system from within ?

There is a long list of such internal enemies of India who are looming large over the country. The first one being the Islamists and these people are not harming the country only now, but have been doing so for a long time, after all, India had to get partitioned in the name of religion, in the name of Islam.

“Soon shall we cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers (Kafir), for that they joined companions with Allah, for which he had sent no authority” (3:151), says the Quran about everyone who is a non-Muslim, and practically, every Muslim the Quran and its sayings wholeheartedly, and hence, for them, every non-Muslim is a Kafir and nothing more.

And this ideology of religious supremacy wants every person to get converted into Islam, which gives rise to evils like terrorism, forced and bribed religious conversions, and mob killings.

It was the Islamists and their ideology which forced the Kashmiri Hindus to flee their home state, and they have still not been able to return to Kashmir.

Any Hindu who tries to settle down in Kashmir or start a business, is killed by terrorists at a drop of a hat, and in our country, such terrorists like Burhan Wani are labelled as 'martyrs' by his fellow Muslims.

It is the Islamic supremacy ideology which leads to Muslims, including minors and women, pelting stones on Hindu processions on festivals like Ram Navami and Hanuman Janmotsav, all across the country, and nobody stands up for the justice of the innocent Hindus.

It is this Islamic ideology which leads to Muslims of Kashmir pelt stones on the Indian army personnel, and even burn the national capital amidst slogans of "Bharat tere tukde honge, Inshallah Inshallah".

And this ideology further goes on to establish, "Gustakh-e-Nabi ki ek hi saza, Sar Tan Se Juda, Sar Tan Se Juda", and then kill a poor tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, or on the other hand, stab IB officer Ankit Sharma 400 times in a classic ISIS style assassination.

Another nefarious internal enemy, which has reared its ugly head once again, after the 1990s, is the Khalistanis. These separatists, following the ideology of their leader, the Khalistani, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, want a separate nation called 'Khalistan' for the Sikhs, and believe in the supremacy of the 'Khalsa Panth'.

Earlier, between 1980 and 1984, thousands of innocent Hindus lost their lives because of the radical ideology of Bhindranwale and his followers, who used to stop buses, for instance, and separate the Hindus from the Sikhs, in order to kill the former.

And in recent times, we saw the regrowth of the Khalistani movement and its supporters, under the garb of the so-called 'Farmers Protest' back in the year 2021.

This protest, which was supposed to be talking about farmers and their rights, first wrongly labelled the Farm Laws to be introduced by the government as 'black laws', and later, posters saying, "Indira Thok Di, Modi Kya Cheez Hai", could be seen held by the so-called protestors.

If these were farmers' protests, why were there posters of Bhindranwale? Was he a farmer too, one asks. These were the Khalistanis who attacked and brandished swords at the Delhi police on Republic Day, 2021, and pushed them from the Lal Qila's ramparts.

“Next in line are the urban Naxals, who, sitting in their posh homes, talking about one-sided ideologies like secularism and equality, continue to provide support to all the separatists and terrorists working on ground zero, in order to break India and sabotage its system.”


These urban Naxals, using social media platforms like Twitter and foreign media portals like the Washington Times, do not leave a single stone unturned to promote the anti-India narratives across the whole globe, and make the world believe that “Democracy is dying in this country”.

These are the dangerous elements of the Indian society, who have initiated a battle against India, not with swords, but with pens and word of mouth, making them equally lethal.

Media is called the fourth pillar of democracy, but what do we call such a media which turns around narratives and spreads falsities left, right and centre ?

It is hapless to state that another member of the 'internal security threat for India' club is our very own mainstream media, whose role is nothing more than spinning around narratives, hide the truth, and create and portray scenarios which never actually happened, just to support the evil ideas of other anti-India elements like the Islamists and Khalistanis.

For instance, while all of the media initiate an out-of-court trial against Dhirendra Krishna Shastri of Bageshwar Dham, only because he is a Sanatani and openly calls out the evils being committed against Sanatana Dharma, not a single media person will speak against a Christian pastor or a Muslim maulvi, targeting them for superstition or religious fanaticism.

And why is it that the media is always silent about cases wherein a Hindu is killed in the name of religion ? Why did not a single mainstream media house fight for the Palghar Sadhus who were beaten to death, in front of the police, or why did not a single media house talk about, and ask for the justice of Anurag Poddar, a young Hindu whose brains were blown out by the police in firing on a Durga Puja procession in Bihar's Munger ?

Who needs enemies when backstabbers are already cornering you ? One believes India does not even need external enemies to get affected and damaged, this role is already being played by all the anti-India elements who earn in India, live in India, but still abuse India and pose a great threat to its internal security.

One such thankless industry is the Hindi movie industry, Bollywood: Currently feeling the heat of its doings, the actors of this industry can only pose as patriots in their 2-hour movies for money, in real, they have nothing to do with the welfare of this nation or its people.

All these actors have close ties with ISI agents, for example, there are several pictures of Shah Rukh Khan and his family members with ISI agent Tony Ashai. And notorious gangster Dawood Ibrahim has always had links with Bollywood actors, which is not a secret affair.

Apart from this, whole of Bollywood is busy surviving on illegal narcotics, which is running an obnoxious drug cartel in the country, whose links go overseas, particularly to enemy countries like Pakistan itself.

The love for Pakistan and hatred for Hinduism, the very basis of the Indian lifestyle, can very easily be spotted in their movies and statements. While Amir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are 'afraid' to live in India, Amir Khan has absolutely no problem in meeting Turkey's first-lady.

It is a well-known fact that Turkey is not a friendly country, but could Amir Khan care less? On the other hand, movies like Pathan showcase ISI agents in good-light and state that Indian RAW agents are terrorists!

Another group of so-called 'intellectuals' who have been damaging the image of India abroad and spreading fake claims all over, and hence, becoming the 'pen warriors' against India are the leftist historians.

Whitewashing the atrocities of brutal invaders like the Mughals, propagating the lies of an Aryan invasion, and lying that Hindu kings desecrated Hindu temples, these people like Irfan Habib and Romila Thapar are experts at spinning narratives and not history.

They do affect the internal security of India because in these times, narratives are the weapons which make you win or lose battles, and hence, affect the social and political fabric of a country.

Talking about the social fabric of the country, another internal enemy, harming the security of the nation is forced and bribed religious conversions.

While on the one hand, Christian pastors and fathers, accused of sexual and physical harassment, are busy converting innocent and poor Hindus into Christianity by making false claims about how illnesses can be cured if one reads the Bible, and offering freebies, on the other, Islamic Maulvis, often accused for the same crimes, are busy converting non-Muslims for the sake of their ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ ideology.

For both the Christians and Muslims their numbers matter, which is indeed true for the matter of conversion. It is high time we realize that wherever the Hindus have become the minority, their fate has been disastrous.

Be it in Kashmir, West Bengal, or Kerala, innocent Hindus are killed, raped, and looted on a regular basis everywhere the Muslims are in a majority.

And hence, in order to win this 'number game', the Muslims have also come up with the new evil of Love Jihad, fooling Hindu girls in the name of love, they are converted or are forced to convert to Islam before getting married to their Muslim boyfriend, and if they object to the same, they are killed in broad daylight, while in cases like those of Shraddha Walker, their bodies cut into pieces.

Muslim women too, posing as Hindu girls, force Hindu men to get converted. The result in both the cases are same, no matter boy or girl, it is the Hindu who dies.

Damaging the internal security and ethos of this country are some ideologies which are aimed at destroying the country from within. The virus of wokism and secularism is the root cause of all evil in this country.

While every other person is free to practice their religion and wear it on their sleeves, it is only the Hindus who are forced to follow the so-called notion of secularism.

And while Muslims can block roads and highways to offer namaz, pelt stones on Hindu religious processions, and kill Hindus in the name of religion, Hindus become the 'fascists' and 'Islamophobes' if they raise their voice against this injustice and ask for a uniform civil code or a Hindu nation.

This is the same secularism which justifies 'sar tan se juda' and 'Bharat tere tukde honge', but questions Anurag Thakur, when he says “goli maaro saalon ko, desh ke gaddaron ko”.

This is the same secularism which sheds tears on the killing of gangster Atiq Ahmed but does not utter a single word when hundreds of innocent Bengali Hindus are killed after TMC comes to power.

A new cancerous ideology which has joined the league is that of the 'LGBTQ+' community, amusingly, the persons at top positions in judiciary are supporting this.

A new narrative is being evolved during the hearing of same sex marriage case in the Supreme Court of India that the concept of gender is more absolute than merely man and woman. If such absurdities are not threats to the internal security of India, damaging our culture and society, then what this is ?

The last but definitely not the least (negative in all sense) in this list is the political opposition of this country. While a democratic system provides a nation with an opposition to keep the government in check and support it when it does right, the opposition of India is a toxic lot of rotting political leaders who know nothing beyond gaining power.

In their hatred of the BJP and Modi, they go out into the larger world and similar to the other evils of our society, spew venom against India and question our very identity.

It was this opposition, which, rather than being happy for India for producing its own vaccine against COVID-19, laughed at Bharat Biotech and spread cheap falsities like “These vaccines will cause erectile dysfunction”, labelling the vaccines as “BJP ki vaccine”!

Opposition leaders, like Mamata Banerjee get up every morning to abuse democratically elected Prime Minister of India, and then illegally create a safe haven for Bangladeshi and Rohingya immigrants, and warn Hindus of not going into 'Muslim' areas.

The opposition leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Wadra will never miss out on an anti-India activity like going to the farmers' protest, but will never question the ideology of Khalistan.

The list and one's arguments can go on unended, but what is important for each sane Indian, who does not follow these vicious ideologies and knows what the reality is, is to make sure to fight for their country, its welfare, their religion, their culture, and most importantly, their identity, because this is all what the internal enemies of the country want to wipe off, therefore, posing a grave threat to the internal security of this nation.

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